Our Earth-based heroine, Miss Q, belongs to a species of spacecats. Millennia ago, an unknown event forced the spacecats to flee their home planet. Each episode in this series takes Miss Q on a mission to a new exoplanet with the goal of discovering and reuniting spacecat colonies. This episode-based format creates a platform for developing recurring themes and imagery that will acclimate young viewers to our interstellar neighborhood. The goal of this playful and engaging animated series is to inspire imagination about the possibilities of exoplanets, exobiology, and interstellar travel.


Visual development for this series is underway as well as initial scripting and storyboarding. Scroll down to see some of the highlights of the pilot episode...


‘Miss Q patiently awaits her mission’

Miss Q naps in her sunny courtyard. By all appearances she looks and lives like any other ordinary domesticated house cat. That is until her whiskers pick up the ever awaited signal...





‘Miss Q is summoned to Command Central’

Cmdr Cat delivers the exciting news that the upgraded CAT-SCAN has detected a radio signal that has definite spacecat stylings—a promising lead for the Spacecat Reunification Program. Miss Q’s mission is to visit the planet from which the signal originates. Located in orbit around Gliese 251, this planet lies outside of the existing wormhole transit system that serves Earth’s interstellar neighborhood (the Local Fluff Transit System, LFTS). Cmdr Cat uses his 3-D map display to show Miss Q how to navigate to the planet by taking the LFTS to the end of the line at Luyten’s star and then traveling the remaining distance using the warp drive on her kitty saucer.




Miss Q sets off on her mission. She navigates through the solar system dodging asteroids in her kitty saucer. She makes her way above the plantary plane outside Saturn’s orbit to arrive at the local LFTS station and then settles into her commute to the Luyten Station. At the end of the line she is suddenly in an unfamiliar starscape. Using her Kitty Navigation System to find her bearings, she then dials her radio to the signal frequency. She locks in and heads towards its source.

‘Thru the wormhole’



‘Insectoid City’

A dusty ochre planet comes into Miss Q’s view. As she descends through the atmosphere she sees a city whose buildings resemble large, elaborate African termite mounds. Moving ever closer she discovers the origin of the signal is a jazz radio broadcast. Miss Q enters a radio studio to find insectoids playing this music. She introduces herself and states her mission. The insectoids react with surprise and explain that legends of spacecats are common in their culture. According to some accounts, insectoids learned their music from spacecats long ago. The band introduces Miss Q to a local professor who provides historical details that support the legends, including relics found during the construction of the insectoid city 500 years ago. The professor gives Miss Q an old coin with a spacecat image and some mysterious writing.




‘Who is the Bunny?’

On her way home, Miss Q fills in Cmdr Cat. He congratulates her on her successful mission. He then instructs her to stop by the interstellar market for supplies and while she is there she should show the coin to a merchant named Bunny...



To Be Continued...